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Briefs, analyses on issues and legislative tracker.

Resources on briefs, whitepapers, and analyses that discuss issues surrounding the digital divide and policy actions that can be taken to address them. The LA DEAL legislative tracker also provides up-to-date information regarding broadband legislation in the California State Legislature.

SB 876: Digital Education Equity Program: County Offices of Education

SUMMARY: Josh Becker This bill would appropriate $18,000,000 from the General Fund to the State…

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AB 2765: Public Utilities Public Purposes Program Fund

SUMMARY: Eduardo Garcia  Would establish the Public Utilities Public Purpose Programs Fund, and would, upon…

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AB 2753: Communications – Digital Equity Bill of Rights

SUMMARY: Eloise Reyes This bill, the Digital Equity Bill of Rights, would state that it…

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AB 2752: Broadband Infrastructure: Mapping

SUMMARY: Jim Wood  Would require the Public Utilities Commission, in collaboration with relevant state agencies…

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Ab 2751: Affordable Internet and Net Equality Act of 2022

SUMMARY: Eduardo Garcia This bill, the Affordable Internet and Net Equality Act of 2022, would…

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AB 2750: Department of Technology: Digital Equity Plan

SUMMARY: Mia Bonta This bill would require the department, in consultation with the public, the…

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AB 2749: Communications – California Advanced Services Fund

SUMMARY: Sharon Quirk Silva  Current law requires the Public Utilities Commission, in approving infrastructure projects…

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AB 2748: Digital Equity in Video Franchising Act of 2022

SUMMARY: Chris Holden  Would revise and recast the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of…

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AB 2702: CASF – Broadband Public Housing Account

SUMMARY: The bill would establish that the goal of the account is to provide internet…

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Ab 2641: CETF: Focus and Funding Priorities

SUMMARY: Mike Gipson  This bill would require the commission to revise the focus of the…

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AB 2252: Broadband infrastructure: Disasters – Reports

SUMMARY: Cecilia Aguiar-Curry  Would, following a state or local disaster for which the Governor has…

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