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AB 2748: Digital Equity in Video Franchising Act of 2022


Chris Holden 

Would revise and recast the Digital Infrastructure and Video Competition Act of 2006 to, among other things, (1) rename the act as the Digital Equity in Video Franchising Act of 2022, (2) revise the definition of “gross revenue” for purposes of calculating the franchise fee for a local jurisdiction, (3) require a franchise applicant to submit a description of the households that are known to be unserved in the video service area footprint that is proposed by the applicant, (4) establish the policy of the state that subscribers and potential subscribers of a state video franchise holder should benefit from equal access, as defined, to service within the service area and prohibit a cable operator or video service provider that has been granted a state franchise from denying equal access to service to any group of potential residential subscribers because of the income of the residents in the local area in which the group resides, and (5) repeal the maximum amount of fine that could be assessed for a violation of the equal access requirement. 

Location: 5/26/22 In Senate. Read first time. To Senate Committee on Rules for assignment.

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