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06/07/21 Policy & Advocacy Taskforce Meeting


The Policy & Advocacy Task Force held its first meeting on June 7, 2021, and included representatives from multiple sectors interested in resolving the digital divide in the Los Angeles County region. Task force members engaged in a fruitful discussion around priority areas to focus on at future convenings. In addition, all members had the opportunity to provide feedback through discussion, chat-box, or by responding to questions via a jam board. The jam board was a very productive tool and generated more than 80 sticky note comments, suggestions, or inquiries.

Here are the key themes from the discussion on policy and advocacy:

  1. What are the greatest policy gaps hindering low-income households and small businesses from having equitable access to fast and truly affordable internet service?

  2. Federal Lifeline program

  3. The local and state regulations associated with costs/pricing

  4. The variance of the approval process

  5. Luxury versus public utility

  6. Federal 25/3 rule

  7. Lack of incentives

  8. Community advocacy

  9. Immigration status

  10. Data

  11. Net Neutrality implications and political ramifications

  12. Best strategy for identifying, developing positions on, and advocating for policies collectively at the local, state, and federal level?

  13. Compelling problem statement/position

  14. Pejorative language/deficit thinking (digital divide) and towards additive, affirmative, aspirational language (digital equity)

  15. Identify key objectives, power analysis, coalition building, then take action

  16. Personal testimonies

  17. Legislator engagement

  18. Community voice

  19. How can this working group best track and communicate on relevant active legislation?

  20. Track status and historical impact of past programs to determine best practices

  21. Policy tracker with analysis of goals and unintended consequence

  22. Engage states and groups working on broadband access

  23. Communication

The suggested breakout subtopic considerations are presented given the initial feedback from task force members:

  1. Infrastructure

  2. Affordability

  3. Digital Literacy

  4. Policymaker Engagement

  5. Community Engagement

The Policy & Advocacy Task Force will meet virtually monthly and includes education, health, nonprofit, education, business, city municipalities, and internet service providers. To learn more, visit:

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Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Policy & Advocacy Taskforce Objective

Identifying priorities for public policy to permanently eliminate the digital divide.

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