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04/05/22 Digital Literacy & Devices Taskforce Meeting


The Digital Literacy & Devices Taskforce convened on April 5, 2022. The meeting included representatives from multiple sectors interested in resolving the digital divide in the Los Angeles County region.

The purpose of the Digital Literacy & Devices Taskforce is to host discussions to assess the needs and opportunities to provide ongoing culturally relevant and age-appropriate training at scale for underserved and disadvantaged people.

The meeting was led by Amy Cortina Mathias, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, UNITE LA and Paulina Chavez, Senior Director, Programs & Special Projects, EveryoneOn.

Updates were given on the work occurring between taskforce meetings, including conversation with California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) and the Los Angeles Public Library on identifying whose members might qualify for services, and the submission of public comments on the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) California Advanced Services Fund Adoption Account.

Taskforce members then had a discussion on digital navigator program best practices led by Paulina Chavez.

Edwin Rodarte, Senior Librarian at L.A. Public Library, spoke about how libraries can provide digital literacy as an outreach model. Their Cybernauts program that helped residents via phone and via chat. They are in the process of furthering developing existing curriculum and creating new curriculum. They eventually want to have one-on-one video chats. It varies by location, but support is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

Britney Chine, Program Manager at Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles (HACLA) spoke about the Digital Navigator Community Health Worker program where participants can learn how to access resources on the internet, access to laptops, low-cost digital devices. They are using a “train-the-trainer” program to reach more community members.

Liliana Arreola, Project Director at CSULA, spoke about the CollegeCorps program that recruits college-level individual, partner them with Community Based Organization in the Southeast Cities of Los Angeles County.

Taskforce members shared that knowing what exists is helpful, that’s the easiest way to support programs and sharing with community of what is available. Other Taskforce members noted that resume writing workshops were helpful to community members navigating job sites.


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Assessing needs and opportunities to provide ongoing culturally relevant and age-appropriate training at scale for underserved communities. Determining types of equipment (standards, device types, ownership model) needed to provide adequate telehealth, remote work, online learning, and small business internet success.

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